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If you feel you want to purchase an art form for your own sacred space please contact Annette for prices. Click on an image below to veiw enlargement, click on the right side of the enlargement to move forward, click the "X" to close.

Sculpture Gallery

Please explore this gallery of art works at your leisure and feel free to fall in love with the forms and the message of each piece. Annette's ceramics are her canvas, maybe a glaze painter or a vessel carver, please contact her if you are curious about her works

The Wet - inspired by the opaque pooled water in the streams after The Wet season, in the dry country. Buff Raku, rutile glaze, 1280 oC The Beaded Rainforest Dragon - Look for: the body of the kangaroo, claws of the goanna, belly of the crocodile, tail of the tree kangaroo and the head of the cassowary. The scales are the seed pods from the Rose Silky Oak (Darlingia Ferruginea) and Blue Quondong. Inspiration Earth Exhibition 2014 Wilderness - inspired by bark, rock and earth
Handle built, Stoneware, Iron Oxide Fragment Series - a series of works capturing fragments and colours of the landscape. One off individual works. Stoneware, glaze colours , oxides Sea Urchins - inspired by the amazing Great Barrier Reef. These come in different sizes and colours. Stoneware Glaze colours. Angel’s Landing - Zion NP - inspired by a trip to Zion National Park in USA Stoneware, slab construction, Melting Pot Exhibition 2014 Ode to Clarice Cliff – Clarice Cliff an amazing ceramic artist working during the 1930s and 40s. No Squares in Nature – let us not destroy our natural environment with buildings. Stoneware, Melting Pot Exhibition 2012 Mushroom Fairy House - a place for the fairies to live in your garden. White raku and Oxide. Stoneware fired Porcelain Garden – Blossoms and Foliage” – the blooms of a challenging journey with porcelain. Porcelain. Inspiration Earth Exhibition 2014 Mushroom Anemones - underwater wilderness
Stoneware. Inspiration Earth Exhibition 2014  Jatiluwih Rice Terraces – UNESCO protected heritage of Balinese food production. Terracotta fired to 1280oC. Inspiration Earth exhibition 2014 Traditional Fires – ancient landcare
Sawdust smoke fired. Inspiration Earth Exhibition 2014 Charcoal Regrowth - mid-fired Terracotta & bitumen Silver Lining - wheel-thrown, hand-worked, smoke-fired and bitumen Among Corals - stoneware, wheel thrown,applied decoration,hand carved Tempest from the Sea - hand worked, wheel thrown, stoneware, ash glaze Rainforest Phoenix - hand-worked stoneware with applied decoration, ash glaze

Food Vessels Gallery

These handmade pots are both functional and delightful, they can be enjoyed as much as the food cooked or served in them. As part of the intimate environment of a home, these food vessels are durable and easy to clean. Being fired to 1300oC, they can be used in microwaves, dishwashers, freezers and oven.

Dragon Fly Table Ware - stoneware, turquoise, hand painted  Ceremonial Water Vessels - water is one of our most valued and cherished resources. These cups invite us all to drink water with the essence of ceremony and gratitude. Terracotta, Buff Raku, Rutile glaze fired 1280oC Retro Flower Tableware - Stoneware, hand painted glaze colours Earth Vessels Tableware - terracotta, stoneware, rutile glaze Reef Tableware, stoneware, double glaze dip Reef Tableware, stoneware, double glaze dip Savanna Night Tableware, stoneware, double glaze dip Outback Tableware, stoneware,double glaze dip, handpainted Outback Tableware, stoneware,double glaze dip, handpainted Dragonfly Tableware, stoneware, handpainted Wait a While Palm Tableware, stoneware, hand carved Rainforest Tableware, stoneware, double glaze dip, handpainted

Garden Art Gallery

These art images are evident of Annette's love for her garden and nature. Here is a small sample of unique works that could enhance any outdoor space, from a compact walled entertainment area to gardens that ramble.

Monstera Leaf varandah or garden plaques, terracotta or glazed stoneware, hand carved Castle Candle Light glazed terracotta-stoneware, wheel & hand worked Decorative Verse Poetry plaques, terracotta or glazed stoneware, hand carved Flying Colours - Butterfly garden plaques, terracotta or glazed stoneware, hand carved Terracotta Lanterns, wheel thrown, hand carved, terracotta Wind Music- wind chimes - a wide variety available; rainforest, outback, reef, farm, hearts, stars, and many more.
Durable high fired stoneware

Annette Tranter, Ceramic Artist
Phone: 0428 401970
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Bundarra Pottery
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Queensland, Australia
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